A wide variety of spirits and liqueurs are extensively produced in France. The schnapps in our product portfolio are only from the best in their field, i.e., only from small top-tier manufacturers.

  • Cognac comes to us from the Cognac Fins Bois subregion. It is a dry-style grape brand that directly conveys the characteristics of the local terroir - minerality, a little smoky, and also a good fruit-acid balance. The producer is the famous French favorite Leopold Gourmel.

  • Our Armagnac is produced in the Bas Armagnac area. Drinks in a rather dry style but still with a little added sugar caramel are pleasantly enjoyable and will surely appeal to all cognac or brandy lovers. The producer is Sempé.

  • Calvados is the honor and pride of Normandy. It is made from the best apples in the Pays d'Auge and is produced by the famous Roger Groult.

  • The various “life waters” or the Eau de Vie are very popular in France. Among them is Marc, distilled from the press residues of grapes, which is a great digestive for real taste experts. We offer marcs Château de Pibarnon and Domaine Rolet. Both are old and dignified and have long matured in oak barrels.

  • Although Vodka and Gin were not originally of French origin, they are also brewed there. Our vodka is special because it is distilled from cow's milk. The roots of gin go back to Peru, where the chips of the bark of the Cinchona tree come from, and also to England, where the juniper berries come from. The producer is the legendary French distillery Maison Gimet, established in 1929.

  • Liqueurs have been the backbone of the French beverage industry for centuries. A wide variety of herbal, plant, berry, fruit, and cream liqueurs are made. Our selection includes excellent berry liqueurs from Maison Trenel, but also orange liqueur and cream liqueur from Sempé.


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