Cookie Policy

Baltic Pack EST AS (hereinafter Baltic Pack or us) uses cookies on its website (hereinafter website), which are necessary for the operation of the website, production of statistics, personalisation of the website content as well as marketing.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or smart device when you visit a website. Without cookies, not all functions of the website are available.

According to the duration, cookies are divided into session (i.e. temporary) and persistent cookies. The purpose of session cookies is usually to facilitate the use of your web browser. Session cookies are deleted upon closing your browser. Persistent cookies remain on your device until the expiration date of a specific cookie or until you request to delete them.

Cookies can also be divided into first-party and third-party cookies. We place first-party cookies on our website and they allow us to store information that will be re-used the next time you visit the website. For example, we use persistent cookies on our website to store visitors’ language preferences, usernames and passwords to make it easier for them to use the website in the future. Third-party cookies are created by third parties and are used to track websites, re-target and display ads.

1. Cookies essential for the functioning of the website

Essential cookies help to make the website available to you and keep it running, so that you can use the basic functions, such as website navigation and accessing its protected content. Without essential cookies, our website would not function as smoothly as we would like and we would not be able to provide you with certain basic features and capabilities.

The legal basis for the use of the essential cookies and the processing of personal data collected through them is our legitimate interest in ensuring the regular and secure operation of the website.

The use of essential cookies cannot be declined. You can set your web browser to block the essential cookies but in this case the website will not work properly. The purpose of using essential cookies is to ensure the full functionality of websites. These cookies are automatically activated when you visit a website.

2. Statistics cookies

Statistics cookies help us to collect information about how visitors use websites and thus improve the user experience. The main purpose of these cookies is to identify the features most used, analyse web traffic and improve the performance of the website.

The legal basis for the use of statistics cookies and the processing of personal data collected through them is your consent and therefore the statistics cookies will only be activated on the website after you have consented to their use.

In the case of a repeated visit to the website, the statistics cookies will be activated within a few minutes, unless you have refused these cookies. You can revoke your consent to use statistics cookies at any time by changing your cookie settings.

Cookies we use



Saves the closing state of the cookie notification.


28 days

Stores the built-in cookie consent for the website.



Saves the order ID that guests making purchases use to obtain the status of their order. View of guest bookings. “Orders and returns” are used.



Retains the landing page that the customer loaded before being redirected to sign in.


28 days

Monitors error messages and other notifications displayed to the user, such as the cookie acceptance message and various error messages. The message is deleted from the cookie after it is displayed to the buyer.



Stores customer-specific information related to actions initiated by the buyer, such as wish list display, checkout information, etc.


28 days

Follows the specific store view selected by the buyer.



The value of this cookie initiates the clearing of the local cache. When a background application removes the cookie, the administrator clears the local storage and sets the cookie value to true.



Local storage for visitor-based content that enables e-commerce features.


1 day

Stores the product ID of recently viewed products.


1 day

Stores the product IDs of recently viewed products for easy navigation.


1 day

Tracks the version of translations in local memory. Used when the translation strategy is configured as a dictionary (translation on the store side).


1 day

Saves the configuration for product data related to the most recently viewed/compared products.


1 day

Stores the product IDs of recently compared products.


1 day

Stores the product IDs of previously compared products for easy navigation.


1 day

Forces local storage to specific content sections, which should be revoked.


92 days

Used to differentiate users.


92 days

Used to adjust the query time.


92 days

Used to differentiate users.



Retains your cookie consent.


1 hour

A security measure that adds a random string to all form submissions to protect data from Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF).


1 hour

A configuration cookie that improves performance when using Varnish static content caching.


28 days

Adds a random number and time to pages with customer content to prevent them from being cached on the server.


28 days

Saves the persistent shopping cart key (ID) so that the shopping cart can be restored for an anonymous buyer.


92 days

Collection of statistics through Google Tag Manager


28 days

Age confirmation



Unique session ID by the server


Baltic Pack reserves the right to change this Cookie Policy from time to time to reflect changes made to the website. An updated version of the notice is always available on our website, so you may want to check back periodically for changes.

The cookies on our websites do not contain personal information about visitors to our website. They cannot be used to identify a website visitor. However, if a website visitor wishes to restrict (disable) the storage of cookies on their devices or delete already stored cookies, this can be done via browser settings.

We reserve the right to change our current policy at any time. For this reason, website visitors should periodically check the content of the page for policy updates or changes.